Well, my therapist was really nice about it, but I am pretty sure she fired me. She said if I needed her in the future, to let her know. Pretty sure that means she is not meeting with me anymore. Sooooo... not sure what to think. Hopefully, the DBT place gets me hooked up with … Continue reading Fired?


It’s so hard for me to disappoint people. I spend untold amounts of energy working on being a “people pleaser” and just trying to keep things on an even keel. I am so freaking worried about having to tell my therapist that I am switching over to DBT. I know she is going to be … Continue reading Disappointing.


I don’t understand how I could be in a place where I got all of my homework done last night, and I still had a panic attack. I mean, I sort of do. I overthink everything and I started getting ahead of myself about the upcoming week. Honestly though. Why can’t I just be happy … Continue reading Understand?


It turns out I’m not done with the one class, and I have so much work to do for the other. I’m feeling a little buried. It’s not insurmountable. It’s just a lot. If I work on it today, I should be able to get it done. Yesterday, I had more work to do with … Continue reading Much.


I met with the disability specialist at my university, (or one of them anyway), to talk to him about the paperwork I submitted to request accommodations at school. It actually went really well. We talked about how living with anxiety makes it very difficult to sit through long classes without needing breaks, and how I … Continue reading Accommodations.


I did a thing. I told the crisis team that I would do DBT. I told them I hated it, but that I thought it was the next best step. My mentor always told me that she thought it would be a good idea for me. I argued with her a lot about it, but … Continue reading Thing.