Saint Patrick’s Day

I’m aware that Americans make a ridiculous deal about this holiday. I used to go to a university where the school colors were green and white and where it was a tradition to kill your liver on this day. People would line up for the pubs and bars as early as 3-4 am the night … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day

Oh my!

I was going to spend the night at my friend’s house since it is quite a drive to get there and I don’t have an appointment again until tomorrow afternoon, but I realized I left my meds at home by mistake. Oops! Sooooo… I helped my friend take their dog to the veterinarian and then … Continue reading Oh my!

At the doctor

I look awesome because I need a shower. I totally should have done that before I got here, but I couldn’t wake up in time and then I might have still been able to, but I just couldn’t make myself. Soooo…. Pony tail and new clothes and deodorant and a prayer that I don’t stink … Continue reading At the doctor

How do you help?

This is a for real honest question. One of my dearest friends has been hearing voices and having persecutory delusions that just aren’t true. They started kind of slowly two years ago and have been bad on and off since. Other friends and I have almost lost this person to scary suicide attempts twice in … Continue reading How do you help?

I don’t wanna

I’m supposed to go vacuum the church this morning. I also need to find my friend a birthday present. I’m just kind of not having it this morning. I got plenty of sleep. Took my meds. Whatever. I just don’t want to. I feel depressed. I don’t feel okay. I just want to be in … Continue reading I don’t wanna


I’m trying to pack for the weekend this morning and I should have done it last night. I’m trying to get it done before I go to therapy so I can keep driving to my friend’s house from there. My friend is going with me to a concert out of town this weekend and then … Continue reading Stressed


I am so very talented at masking my emotions, even from myself. What I mean by that is, I tend to not even notice that I’m not feeling anything, at least not anything deeply, unless it’s really profound or I’m very vulnerable to emotion for some reason. It’s especially true if I’m with someone who … Continue reading Masking