Day 65

... Really. I'm just tired. It's just another day in locked down Michigan. Nothing new to report. I need to take a shower tonight. I need to do laundry. I need to clean. I need to finish up some other things to work on finding a new therapist... I know I said I needed a … Continue reading Day 65

Day 56

I have a bunch of errands to run today. I need to get a splint for my wrist so that my hand can stop going numb. I need to get some prescriptions filled. I need to pick up a new mask and some other things that got ordered for me. I also have my med … Continue reading Day 56


It's just the kind of day to sit in the backyard with my friend's dog and blow bubbles. It's so pretty! I'm not manic, but I am simply happy. Its been honestly a really long time since I've been able to pinpoint "joy." Sure, there are things that are bothersome to me, and everything is … Continue reading Joy.


It's super thundery and stormy today. I hate thunderstorms. I have a friend whose house caught on fire once due to a lightning strike, and I'm just not a fan of storms in general. I know I've posted about this before, I just get really anxious when it's a stormy day. I have to have … Continue reading Stormy.


I got some good advice today. I always think that good advice is like a precious gift. You can't put a pice on it's value. I was worried about my med review next week and this person told me that it's about me and it's okay to say that I need a minute to answer … Continue reading Advice.

Day 51

I woke up and my friend was watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! I love that show! I haven't watched it in forever! It's super funny. As far as today goes, I'm going to work out a strategy for meeting with my psych prescriber next week. I'm going to jump in the shower. I'm going to … Continue reading Day 51


I've had nightmare experiences with therapists over the years. I had a newbie one tell me that I was "too mentally ill" for her to take on. I had one tell me that I was "beyond her level of care" after I pissed off her friend, (in a super long and ridiculous story). I had … Continue reading Therapists.

Day 49

It's almost been 50 days of this crap. Sigh. Anyway, I'm hanging in there. Today, I need to go get a new brace for my wrist because my carpal tunnel is acting up. I should attack the dishes again, but I don't know if I will get to that or not. I need to start … Continue reading Day 49


My mom said all she wanted for Mother's Day was a bookmark, so I made her one. I hope she likes it. I made it with my friend's paper punches and some decorative paper. I didn't want to use pastels or anything that would screw up the books she was reading, so I had to … Continue reading Bookmark.

Day 43

I was officially accepted into my graduate program! I also ended up in the emergency room again last night... I'm like literally the boo boo queen. My hand has been tingling and weird and now it's swollen, along with my arm. I'm waiting to hear back when I can go back in and get an … Continue reading Day 43