Love & Mercy is a film about Beach Boys member Brian Wilson. He lives with Bipolar Disorder and the film chronicles his experience with the illness and his career. I particularly related to this film because of Brian's tempestuous relationships with the people in his life and the struggles he experienced with his illness. I'm … Continue reading Wilson



I've had better days, but I did score a victory today so far. I've been very uncomfortable and kind of upset about where my mood is and and what to do about it. I have a pretty solid tendency to pathologize my mood states and say, "oh no! This is going to be the start … Continue reading Shrug


This is Lunesta. It's psych med #26 that I cannot take as I am miserably finding out tonight. This doesn't count things like Benadryl, steroids, all types of nausea meds and many others that I can't take either. For the Lunesta, it's supposed to knock me out and make me sleep. I took it three … Continue reading #26


I am not patient. This is part of my trust issue. I really hate this situation with my psychiatric prescriber and the fact that I don't really have one that can handle my mess at the moment. I have trialed and failed on 28 different medications now over the years due to various reasons, but … Continue reading Patience


These chocolate covered strawberries are from Berries.com, but I'm pretty sure I'd be happy with homemade ones right now. Cravings for sweet things is one of the nastier side effects of some psychiatric medications. As in, "give me a bowl of sugar and a spoon, please." Today I want chocolate covered strawberries in the worst … Continue reading Cravings