World Suicide Prevention Day

This day matters to me. I am an attempt survivor from shortly after my 16th birthday. I have lived 21 years and 8 months since then. I have had all kinds of amazing experiences since then. I have met some of the most beautiful people you could ever imagine since then.  Bipolar Disorder can be … Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day



I made this last night. There is iridescent glitter on the letters but it doesn't show up on the picture.  I made it because I've been struggling with the word "recovery" and what that means for me. I think that I've put a lot of focus on the meaning and not realized that it sort … Continue reading Words


You guys, I finally have a therapist. No joke. So happy. I've been without one since May.  This one is tough, but direct and honest and seems like she genuinely cares. I'm a fan. I am starting CBT next week to work on anxiety issues.  Yay! 


In ten minutes I meet with a person who is hopefully going to be my therapist, at least in the short term. The goal is to work on anxiety.  Goodness knows I need that. So wish me luck because I've been without a therapist since May. I definitely need one and I grow weary of … Continue reading Hopefully


I've been skating across the surface a little here, so let me talk about something actually real.  I had an appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday. Although I was lucky enough to have an emergency appointment a few weeks ago with her, usually my appointments are far more rare. Like diamond rare. My next appointment for … Continue reading Authenticity


The only way I know to prevent suicide is to erase the stigma surrounding it and mental health as a whole.  I have tried to share my experiences here as a way to bust stigma about what people living with bipolar disorder are like. I've also hoped to provide a platform of shared experience for … Continue reading Prevention


About three years ago, I was in a psychiatric unit (nothing new for me) except this time the psychiatric PA determined that she needed to start with a clean slate. She discontinued all of my psychiatric medication and started me on just one. Sadly, within 3 days of discharge I had serious reactions to that … Continue reading Frozen