I can be downright arrogant at times about things that I am pretty sure I know. It is one of my lesser qualities and it continues to cause me problems in my life. One of the most fun things that I've found is that I think that I am Inscrutable, or impossible to get to … Continue reading Hubris



Neither my friend nor I was interested in the available showtimes for the movie we wanted to see that fit after she got out of work. They were all starting after 9pm and it is a longer movie. We are old ladies and neither one of us felt like staying up that late. We couldn't … Continue reading Raincheck


I found out again today that my way is not always the right way for me. It's not always the best way for me. It's often not always the healthiest way for me. The hardest thing for me to accept is that there are people out there that know what those things are for me … Continue reading Humbled


Apparently everyone is sick. I feel like I'm in some plastic bubble or something. I think I successfully avoided the stomach plague when that was going around, and now actual for real influenza is starting to take people down. I was supposed to meet with one of my providers this morning, but she let me … Continue reading Cooties


I have been struggling with eating for a few weeks now. I don't know how Candid I have been here about that necessarily, but that is the truth. I've lost just about 25 pounds in 40 days and most of that has been due to restrictive eating since we just got the treadmill up and … Continue reading Eating


After a freak out email trying to explain things to my case manager led to her appropriately redirecting me to my therapist, (I'm still working on getting that right), my therapist had some smart things to say that helped take my hysteria down a few notches. I know I always do better when someone points … Continue reading Choices


My med review went better than I expected it to. I really appreciate having an advocate with me though. There were things that I wouldn't have thought to voice, or wouldn't have known how to express, that she did that were really helpful. We talked about how my mood has been somewhat unstable still and … Continue reading Expectations