Maybe I’m doing nothing today…

My head hurts a little still from the migraine I had last night, and my stomach is definitely not recovered, so I might just be resting today. It’s supposed to be 90° and if you couldn’t tell by reading other posts on my blog, I don’t do heat. I really should be trying to clean … Continue reading Maybe I’m doing nothing today…

“Opposite Action”

There’s this thing in DBT called Opposite Action where you do the opposite of your emotion to try to change it. Today, I’m definitely trying to change the depression and anxiety that I was experiencing yesterday. I changed my sheets and I am washing (or rather drying now) my pillowcases. I made plans with a … Continue reading “Opposite Action”

Crash and burn

What goes up, must come down. My fun hypomanic episode has come to an end. It had to of course, but I’m seriously bummed. I hate depression. The hopelessness and the feeling that it’s never going to end, even though I know realistically that it will. I’m just tired of the ride. People say that … Continue reading Crash and burn

Diagnosis: Mixed

I just realized today that the psychiatrist at the hospital diagnosed me as being in a severe mixed episode without psychotic features. Seriously. That man does not know what a mixed episode looks like I promise. I am not mixed. I know when I am mixed. I am absolutely miserable when I am that way … Continue reading Diagnosis: Mixed