Good morning campers!

Yes, I have circles under my eyes. It’s because I slept like crap. Still, I’m in a pretty good mood thanks to the magic of coffee.

I have to get on the road in a few hours and head to the doctor. Wee! I really hope he has some decent news or ideas for me because this is not really sustainable.

My friend made me enchiladas last night with fat free cheese, whole wheat tortillas (they are lower fat), low fat beans, chicken and sauce and I am still feeling side tenderness this morning. I took all of the pancreatic enzymes I was supposed to. It’s like I’m only allowed to eat fat free things.

It’s super frustrating. That is pretty much fruits and veggies and, while I love them, I am getting tired of black beans for protein.

Anyway, maybe, if I’m lucky I will get to take a little nap this morning before I go.

We’ll see.

I might also just drink more coffee…


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