Funny furry face!

This is the dog of one of my friends. He is getting up there in years, but that doesn’t stop him from being goofy.

I love him so much.

My friend is going with me on my road trip tomorrow to see my pancreatic specialist, which I am very grateful for. I really didn’t want to make the trek alone and it is also supposed to snow.

I don’t think it’s supposed to snow a lot, but even a little snow can mess things up, so I’m just glad to have a friend along.

I kind of know where I’m going. It’s a huge hospital complex and I really don’t know my way around it. Especially not to where the doctors’ offices are.

Oh well. I’m sure we will find it.

So yeah.

I didn’t really do a lot this morning. Just picked up my bathroom a little and made a healthy lunch.

I was supposed to see my dietician today, but she had a family emergency so she cancelled. Praying that everything is okay.

I also heard from my church and I’m going to start vacuuming on Wednesdays there. Pretty excited about that. Sounds silly, but it gives me some more structure to my week.

Well, off to run some errands! Have a good one!!


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