I hate how I can be in a house with people in it and still feel alone.

Even in the same room with another person actually.

I mean, so here’s the deal:

My mom sleeps all of the time. At least during the day, so I don’t really get to see her. She has wicked insomnia at night so her sleep pattern is all messed up and whatever.

Anyway, she sleeps a lot. I don’t really get to interact with her much is the point.

My stepdad is a great guy, but he’s usually reading or doing some project around the house, and he barely notices me, so I might as well not exist.

When I go to visit my friend, they sleep more than they are awake, so I’m pretty much left to my own devices there too.

I’m just lonely.

I hate it.

I’m an only child and I’m used to being alone a lot, but this is starting to feel ridiculous.

Anyway. Yeah.

Just a vent.

Image from Pexels.


7 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Have you tried organizing a weekly event? Like a Sunday dinner together, with maybe a game night afterwards? I’m pretty much on my own most of the week as well, but every-other Sunday my parents have me over for dinner and UNO. It’s not much, but it helps.

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    1. That’s a good idea. I live with my parents so I think we’ve all gotten a little complacent, but I think it might be better if I organize an event or cook a dinner or something. Great idea.

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