My brain is misfiring. I keep having anxiety attacks multiple times a day. I'm finally starting to recognize some of my weird physical symptoms as anxiety though, so I suppose that's a breakthrough. I mean, I am not "anxieting" the stiffness and pain in my legs- that's a real thing- but other weird stuff that … Continue reading Attack!


How do you change core beliefs? I know I was supposed to do that in CBT, but I think I missed a few. One of the major ones I'm struggling with is: I am broken. I'm positive this message has come from a variety of places and been reinforced throughout the years by many people, … Continue reading Core


I have been working with my therapist on trauma and we have been talking about how a lot of my "symptoms" are really evidence of trauma and less a list of things that support a diagnosis. She explained that it's super common for someone like me to present with a bunch of symptoms and get … Continue reading Trauma?


I saw a post on Facebook this morning that made me think. It essentially said something like, "I'd rather see people who are kind and have learned through things in their life than people who have become tough and hard through them." I tend to agree. I have not been through as many things as … Continue reading Tough


I was reminded that I need to break my larger goals into smaller things so I don't get so overwhelmed. I realized that I was so focused on the end-result that I was paralyzing myself. I do that. I just need to take smaller bites. At first I thought that meant I need to start … Continue reading Smaller


I made this today. It's a little dark, but it has happy colors! I am on this, "let's discover all of Kim's flaws!" journey for the past few days. Today I realized that I don't know how to shut up when it's important. I ask people to talk to me and then, when I feel … Continue reading Shut!


Someone asked me if I had a "bucket list." This is a sort of morbid concept of things that you want to have a chance to do before you pass on. I thought about it in that moment and said, "no." It's been bothering me ever since, though because I think it's common for people … Continue reading Bucket


I am a caretaker at heart. Sounds like a good thing until you realize any good thing can be taken too far. I can be controlling and difficult when people I care about don't take care of themselves or their business the way I think they should. That is bad. It's also bad that I … Continue reading Caretaking


I have reached the point in my adult life where I cannot function without a giant cup of coffee in the morning. My system just won't start without it. Breakfast is usually pop tarts, which is absolutely terrible, and something I'm going to be working on in the new year, but it is what it … Continue reading Cuppa


I am increasingly convicted that my purpose is to work in mental health. I am not precisely sure what that will look like as of yet, and it may evolve over time, but I really want to help other people overcome their mental health challenges. Some amazing people have helped me, and while I don't … Continue reading Purpose