The 10th…

A favorite memory? I think, while again it is incredibly difficult to choose, I’ll try to pick just the one… I pick birthdays with my mom as a kid for my favorite “together time.” She made yummy snacks that most moms didn’t the patience for, and was into making everything a teachable moment. Really though, … Continue reading The 10th…

Having an interesting day

Okay, so first I put on a pair of jeans that are literally the same size as my other pair of jeans that fit perfectly and they kept trying to fall off all day. I had a bunch of near-disasters in public that would have been hilarious had they not been so terrifying… Then, I … Continue reading Having an interesting day


I hate how I can be in a house with people in it and still feel alone. Even in the same room with another person actually. I mean, so here’s the deal: My mom sleeps all of the time. At least during the day, so I don’t really get to see her. She has wicked … Continue reading Loneliness

Seriously though???!!!!

Yeah that is an IV in my arm. I have pancreatitis again. I am so mad. I am in the hospital again, and so frustrated. I don’t know what is kicking this off. Avoid stuff kids. Photo by me.


That’s how many hours of sleep I got. I woke up at 3:30 this morning, after fighting the clock for an hour, and finally decided to give up and just stay up. I am tired, but not sleepy. I think a few things conspired to make this happen. One, I drank more caffeine yesterday than … Continue reading Five