So I ran…

This is not what the bridge looked like when I crossed it tonight in the dark, but it is a good procure of the bridge.

I decided to go “up north.”

I literally decided in the span of about ten minutes just to pack some crap in a bag and run.

I found a cheap “up north” motel and here I am.

I made some people angry and I feel bad about that, but I had to do it.

It’s my self defense switch.

It’s what I do.

Am I getting anything done?


Do I care?

Not really.

And I mean that. I really don’t care.

If I had the money and could find a place to stay, I’d just stay here.

But I can’t.


Back to reality on Thursday. Haven’t decided if I am going to class or not.

Stress is bananas.

Photo by me.

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