…is not a word I would use to describe today.

I know. Here I am back from hiatus and all I’m doing is whining. That’s kind of my schtick though, right?

I guess I’m just not feeling very optimistic right now.

My friend is struggling. I’m struggling to breathe without hacking my head off.

I was in the emergency room yesterday with this and at my primary care today. I really just need to get some solid sleep.

Any sleep. Consecutively.

My hair is effortless since it’s dirty and twisted into a bun. So is the rest of my personal hygiene today. No effort.

I’m sinking.

I know it.

I am trying to find my therapist to make an appointment with her this week. Thankfully, my case manager scheduled with me for the end of the week already. I usually don’t see her weekly, but she’s pretty good at seeing the danger even before I do, so I know she saw this coming.

I am just trying to keep things together. That is not without effort either.

Image from Pexels.

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