I made it into the shower this morning!!!!


I am currently waiting for my therapist as well, so I’m just rocking out this morning.

I am trying to put things back together. I kind of fell apart there for a second just from feeling sick and getting too run down.

I am okay.

I just needed some good rest and a minute.

I have much to fill all of you in on really. Some isn’t mine to share, but some I can.

I know I was excited about a vacation before I disappeared from my blog. I definitely tried to go on that vacay.

One of the friends that I was going with, (my closest), ended up with a really scary health issue once we got several hours from home. It involved a rural emergency room and driving all over the northern part of the state to find her adequate health care.

Eventually, we had to cut the trip short and get her back down state where there are more doctors and access to resources.

I have been extraordinarily busy helping her, but I’m not complaining. It’s been really rewarding in a lot of ways. Outside of the initial panic of knowing if she was going to be okay, it’s been a privilege for her to really allow help. She’s usually so independent that it’s a real sign of trust that she will allow me to help her. I don’t take that for granted.


Therapy went well and I managed to run an errand and stop and see another friend while she was working.

Things are starting to calm down and if I can just get myself physically healthy, I think everything will be alright.

I hope so anyway.

Right now it’s nap time!

2 thoughts on “Clean!!!!

  1. I’m sorry to hear your vacation got cut short but happy you were able to help your bestie, I’m sure she appreciated it. Remember to take care of yourself too, and if you need a mental health hour or day, take it.

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