13th and 14th…

13th- something I use daily:

Umm….I guess I’m grateful for my pillows. Sounds kind of dumb, but hear me out. Sleep is really important to maintaining my stability and overall wellness, so it’s crucial for me to get at least five to six on a busy night, and seven to nine on a normal night.

14th- An opportunity:

Okay so I used to be involved with a political party at my university and I went to rallies and organized fundraisers for local candidates and worked on their campaigns, etc .

When the candidate from my party won the presidential election during one of the cycles that I was in., I got the opportunity to go to the presidential inauguration. That was really cool.

I saw the parades, the speeches, the musical performances, and all of the famous faces at the many inaugural balls.

It was really fun.

Image from fb.


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