Having a day…

I woke up today full of plans. I was going to clean the bathroom and do some self care.

Instead, I went back to sleep for seven hours.

When I woke up this evening, I realized I had slept on my right side really uncomfortably and done something awful to my shoulder and arm.

It’s been hurting on and off for a few days, but tonight I couldn’t move it without shrieking in pain.

It was not good.

I desperately searched and found some pain medication from earlier this summer and took that when the over- the – counter stuff I tried did nothing to help.

I’m feeling a little better, but I’m not really sure what it’s going to be like when the medication wears off.

So… yeah.

Kind of freaked out. Also frustrated I didn’t get the things I wanted to get done accomplished today.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Image from Pexels.

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