It’s 9/11…

It’s the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and I am feeling a lot of frustration.

I realize that most college undergrads, and certainly all high school students, do not remember 9/11.

I was a junior at university and profoundly affected.

I didn’t personally lose anyone, but I was definitely affected.

I had several friends enlist in the military on 9/12.

I was so impacted personally that I very nearly packed my car with sandwiches for first responders and drove to New York.

I participated in several memorial activities then, and in subsequent years, because I felt like it was something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

So many men, women and children lost their lives that day. Not just in the World Trade Center, but in the pentagon and on those ill fated jet liners.

I remember almost everything about that day. I didn’t turn off the news for years after.

It was a seminal moment that has helped to define who I am today and what I believe.

I am frustrated because of the state of my country. We were a better people on 9/12/11 than we have been since. There is so much infighting, often encouraged by our leaders, and so much of the idea that “if you think differently than me on even one issue, you must be my enemy.”

Diversity of all kinds has been the strength of this country. Thoughts included.


Ultimately, I hate this day. It always brings up painful images. It is what it is.

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