Let me tell you…

Shoulder pain is no joke.

I have some kind of calcific tendinopathy of my shoulder.

Apparently it’s this thing that can come on spontaneously and WOW does it hurt.

I went to the ER on Monday morning because I couldn’t take the pain and they diagnosed it with an x-ray. It was a good learning experience for the resident I guess because he had never heard of it.

I see the orthopedic practice tomorrow. I am hoping they can do something about the pain. It’s unreal.

I have a paper due this week and I haven’t started on it because I’m so distracted by the pain.

I think I’ll be okay though because it’s a reflection piece and I don’t have to do research. I still have a couple of days.

My anxiety is through the roof with this pain. I am not coping very well. I’m trying to like use DBT skills and “radically accept” that I’m in pain, but… yikes.

Anyway, since no one knows how this happens, I don’t know how to tell you how to avoid it. Just take care of your shoulders, kids.


Image from Pexels.

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