I’m just busy like a little bumble bee. I kind of don’t want to be.

I slept like crap. Nightmares and the whole bit. I kept waking up.

My car is a disgusting mess.

I have an appointment today.

I have to pick up my stepdad from the car dealership since he has to get his airbags replaced due to that giant recall, (which is why I need to clean out my car)…

I have to go to group tonight.


I just want to play with my paint and canvasses that I bought!

I mean, I could skip group, but I don’t wanna do that this week. I kind of need it.

Oh well.

I really don’t want to clean my car. It’s such a pit.

That’s not even talking about my room which is a total disaster.

So… off to “enjoy” my day!

I think I’m going to need more coffee…

Image from Pexels.

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