You guys, I actually blow dried my hair today! Who knew that was a thing?

I never do that.

It looks a lot better than when I let it air dry and it’s all stringy.

Just another form of self care I suppose.

It doesn’t look as nice as when my stylist does it, but it never does.

…and yes. Blogging from my car right now, (and no, I’m not driving).

Actually, that picture kind of lies. I think I look way better in the picture than I feel, but fake it till you make it, right?

I’m all about that right now.

I did my nails too.

I know they’re black. They fit my mood. At least they’re not all chipped and horrific like they were before I did them. Plus, black nails are still kind of “in,” right? Maybe that’s just for teenagers. Whatever, I’m young at heart.

So I have my mocha, (which is qualifying as lunch), and I have my cigarettes, (also part of lunch), and I’m just waiting for it to be time for my appointment…

I really need to clean out this car…

First image from Pexels.

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