Trying to get better

I’ve been sick for going on three weeks.

Some of you that follow me more regularly may have noticed my absence, some of you may have not, but regardless, I’ve been missing and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

I had pancreatitis again and, like it always seems to be in the summer, it’s been a wild ride.

I was in the local hospital for a week and then out and back for a night and then at the big university hospital two hours away for a night.

I am still very weak and am experiencing some symptoms, but am at least mostly out of pain.

Being sick for so long has definitely taken a toll on my mental health. I am depressed and finding it hard to do basic tasks.

I have been in bed mostly for days.

It’s hard when my physical symptoms make me mimic the symptoms of depression because then I just truly become depressed.

My goal for tomorrow is to shower because I’ve lost track of the last time I’ve done that, and I have therapy on Friday for the first time in a while and I am worried I will not have the energy to do both on the same day.

It’s come to that.

I haven’t driven anywhere in three weeks so I’m a little apprehensive about that as well, but I know I need to get back on that horse before it gets worse.

Anyway, it’s been a road.

Image from Pexels.


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