A shower!

I finally crawled into the shower today.

It took SO much effort.

I did it so I could meet a friend today. And so I could go to my therapy appointment tomorrow.

I took the shower and visited with my friend for an hour and a half and now I am literally toast.

I am so tired.

I am proud of myself for doing those things, but man, it took it out of me.

I do feel a little better about myself though, so I guess that’s important.

I cannot believe the state of my bedroom. It looks so bad. It’s very evident I’ve been depressed and sick.

I really need to step my game up in there.

Otherwise, I guess I’m recovering. Slowly.

Image from Pexels.


5 thoughts on “A shower!

  1. I struggle with this everyday! You should be proud of yourself for getting that shower. I have gone like two weeks sometimes without a shower but i figure shit i don’t go anywhere and nor do i want to so what’s the point. I no longer look like the me i knew before PTSD and I hate the mirror when i get out of the shower. I am so happy you took that step but make that your goal everyday just say my only goal today is to get a shower anything after that is a bonus! It has been working for me I just set a small goal something i know i can do and it makes me feel good about myself and i sure you will find that too. We must crawl before we can walk ! baby-steps my friend baby-steps ! well enough of my rant it is just nice to see i am not the only one thinking a shower is a huge task sometimes and get wore out after one outing. Thank you for the post!

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