A little worried…

So maybe this is too much information, or maybe it should just be talked about more.

Not sure which, but I suspect it is the latter, so I’m just going to run with it.

I turned forty last year so I was due for my baseline mammogram. I put it off because people talk about how much those suck, but I kind of can’t now. I have had a little bit of pain shooting through my left “girl” so I have to get her checked out.

My doctor says she’s pretty confident it’s just dense tissue, but we need to check.

I also have to have an ultrasound because on the one ovary I have left after my hysterectomy, cysts keep showing up on ct scans. I’m not really a fan of that since my grandmother died of ovarian cancer, so that’s concerning as well.

I guess if I hadn’t had been a smoker for decades, maybe I wouldn’t worry as much? I don’t know.

It’s in my nature to worry though. I’m just scared. I don’t really have the energy to balance bipolar disorder AND the “c” word.

It is what it is I guess.

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