So partially okay…

Did the things at the doctors’ and the mammogram at least was normal.

I was super freaked out because I didn’t know what to expect and the technician that helped me had all the warmth of a stone, but I got through it.

I had to have an additional ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay, but it was, so that’s great. I’m thanking God right now that everything was normal.

The other ultrasound on my ovary, I haven’t heard back on. Allegedly the radiologist was going to read it today and my doctor would see it today, but I haven’t seen or heard anything so I assume it will be tomorrow. That’s okay.

I’m just glad I got this stuff taken care of.

More things off of the list.

4 thoughts on “So partially okay…

  1. Please keep us posted on the results. My daughter is currently going through this. And because I had ovarian cancer, they want to keep an eye on her. We are both nervous. I can relate to your mam and no ultrasound. I have to get both every six months for a year and get rechecked. I had a mass, very small, way down under my nipple. It finally went away on its own, but they were tracking it to see if it was growing. Scary shit.

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