Did kind of a crappy job

Trigger warning ⚠️ substances


I did not do a good job of reigning in the hypomanic thing today.

Instead I got super drunk with my friend on tequila and got super sick.

Yay me.

I’m finally mostly sober and regretting this decision.

I got sick like four times and had to clean the bathroom once so that was fun.

Seriously. What was I thinking?

I haven’t done that in four years. I’m a total idiot.

I know I am stressed out about all of the food I’ve been eating and about being on vacation in general, but really. Come on. Make better choices.

At least the room stopped spinning.

I seriously cannot deal with that. It just makes me violently ill.

I have a book to read for a few hours to keep myself entertained. When I’m done with that I can go to sleep.

If I go to sleep now, even though I feel pretty well, I will probably wake up feeling bad and I don’t want that, so I would rather keep myself awake for a while.

I’m such an idiot. Granted, I stopped drinking hours ago, but that doesn’t mean anything. I drank way too much. Should have bought some Gatorade.


Of course I didn’t plan on being this stupid.

Oh well. Such is life I guess. Live and learn. It will be at least another four years before I do this again. For real.

Image from Pexels.


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