Trying to reign it in…

Still feeling a little hypomanic.

It’s very hard to sit still and watch movies and try to relax.

I am full of energy.

I got maybe six hours of sleep, but I’m ready to party.

I dunno what to do with myself.

Life is complicated.

I need to be careful because I have to drive us home tomorrow, so I can’t be too wild today.

My friend, in an “I don’t know what you were thinking” moment, bought a fifth of tequila, and honestly it’s all I can think about. I obviously have to not do that because being sick and hungover driving home tomorrow is not ideal.

So yeah.

I just feel impulsive. I’m glad my chill friend is here to push me to stay in line.


I dunno. Currently sitting here watching a Golden Girls marathon.

Could be worse.

Image from Pexels.

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