Meatloaf #2

I went to the grocery store today despite being exhausted and having this monitor thing that has a cord sticking out that may or may not make me look like a suicide bomber because my stepdad is at the store like every day and I felt guilty. 

Okay. Fine.

I am full of whining today so stop here if you don’t like “woe is me.”

I also have a blistering headache that WILL NOT DIE so I’m slightly unpleasant to be around. I know this, so I begged out of meatloaf assembly given that there are two other adults who can handle this procedure and it is SUPER uncomplicated. 

I just went to get water and you would think that they are building rockets for the space program. They were trying to figure out how to handle cooking the acorn squash now that the meatloaf was done (and it is DONE). 

So yeah. I’m back hiding in my room because they wanted consultations and my brain could not handle that mess. I really am just super grateful I didn’t have to cook. Really. I sound like a brat, but I will help clean up and I am SUPER grateful for not cooking today. 

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