Well I have this holter monitor thing on. I have to leave it for 48 hours so that it can tell if my heart is doing wonky things. It is this tiny cell phone sized thing with a cord that sticks out that runs wires onto leads on my chest. 

Here’s the monitor:

I have to admit though that with the cord sticking out of my shirt and running into my pocket, I did sort of worry that someone was going to tackle me in the grocery store for fear I was a suicide bomber or something. It’s awkward. 

I know people have to wear things like this every day and contemplate those things all of the time. It was a sobering thought for me.

Anyway, we are assuming my heart is fine. This is just a precaution. 

I do have a stupid headache though so I’m off to risk a nap. 

7 thoughts on “Monitor 

  1. I’m wearing a thirty day monitor at the moment and will be flying across country after Christmas for a wedding. I’m concerned about TSA tackling me at the airport and if I make it through to California to the wedding it’s gonna be a lovely accessory for my outfit.

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