Bang! Bang! Bang!

There is no refuge in my house from the sound of my stepdad working on the deck. It is so loud. I am getting another migraine and would really like to take a nap. No dice. I am getting frustrated. I know he loves his projects, so I’m trying to be supportive. I’m just tired … Continue reading Bang! Bang! Bang!

Good morning campers!

How are you this morning? I am awake earlier than I usually get up, but then I took a nap late yesterday because of a migraine and then went to bed early. It’s a foggy morning here, but it’s supposed to be a pretty day. I’m looking forward to it. I have a dietican appointment, … Continue reading Good morning campers!

Weather shift…

…and this will be me for most of the day. I have a wicked migraine started. It started hitting me while I was at church. So fun. I maybe should have noticed it when I couldn’t wake up this morning. I don’t know. My mood was off again this morning which is also usually a … Continue reading Weather shift…

Two day migraine

I feel like crap. Based on what my friends have said about breakthrough covid infections, I’m starting to be concerned. At least one of my vaccinated friends said that she basically just had a wicked headache for a bunch of days. She wouldn’t have known if she hasn’t gotten tested. In any case, I cannot … Continue reading Two day migraine