I am pretty sure my head is going to split open. This migraine sucks. 

There is obviously a front coming through because it is windy and spitting rain. My head also says there is. 

I have the runny nose on one side and the weepy eye and all of the things that indicate that this is not just a normal headache. That and the nausea and extreme pain. 

I am currently taking a break from group, but I might just head home. I feel a little guilty, but I am sick. 

I think I just need my bed. Ugh. 

8 thoughts on “Splitting!!

  1. Aw, sorry about the migraine 😦 It’s always interesting to learn (for me) about others odd migraine symptoms. Hope it’s gone asap and you have something to take for them because damn, it sucks if you’re out of migraine meds. Feel better! ❤

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