Finally home

I am finally home from the hospital. After all of that, they still don’t know what happened or why I got so sick. They kind of chalk it up to pancreatitis, but they don’t really know. It’s super annoying. Regardless, I still feel like crap, but I’m home feeling that way instead of laying in … Continue reading Finally home

I finally see the light…

I have been in the hospital since last Saturday night. I’m so over it. After talking with the doctor today, I finally see hope though. I mean, I think I will probably be going home tomorrow or Sunday. This makes me very happy. I suspect I won’t be doing much when I go home besides … Continue reading I finally see the light…

Big storms!

We had some nasty storms last night I guess. I didn’t notice them because I was in the hospital and my window looks out onto a courtyard thing, instead of fully outside. Thank goodness. I’m pretty scared of storms so I am not a fan. Anyway, a bunch of people I know lost power last … Continue reading Big storms!

Seriously though???!!!!

Yeah that is an IV in my arm. I have pancreatitis again. I am so mad. I am in the hospital again, and so frustrated. I don’t know what is kicking this off. Avoid stuff kids. Photo by me.

Messed up

My friend is getting evicted from her apartment. Let me tell you why this is crap. Did she technically violate the terms of her lease? Absolutely. The thing is, she doesn’t always understand things and she doesn’t always know what’s going on with people. So, did she knowingly violate her lease? I mean, probably not. … Continue reading Messed up