Stupid storms

It’s storming and I can’t sleep.

I’m kind of scared of them to be honest. I know that is supposed to be a little kid thing, and trust me, it was, I just didn’t grow out of it.

I mean, the last few years I’ve done a lot better and usually I can sleep through them, but a town up north that I’ve stayed at, and driven through a zillion times was hit really hard by a tornado earlier. I guess that kind of shook me up.

Also, I was doing kind of okay trying to sleep until our power flashed. We have a generator that kicks in, (it didn’t have to), but it was enough to rattle me and also to make me have to get up and check a couple of things.

So yeah.

And now I’m just kind of awake. Yay me. It’s 4am. I can feel the tension in my forehead.

It’s gonna be a loooooong day if I don’t either get a nap or get back to sleep.

Image from Pexels.

4 thoughts on “Stupid storms

  1. What is it about trying to get a good night’s rest? I slept with my windows open last night and something woke me up round 3am. I kept hearing a piece of metal clanging against another piece of metal. It was the flagpole that is nearby. The metal piece on the rope kept beating against the pole. I don’t want to have to close my window every night, but I may have to.

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    1. Oooh that is an annoying one too. I’m sorry. Yeah it continued to boom (and still is) after I posted that so I was only able to drift in and out. Grr for both of us!!


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