I should be doing things…

…but clearly I’m not.

I mean, I went to the pharmacy this morning and picked up my monthlies and I went to the bank to pay off my credit card (woo hoo!).

I haven’t done anything else though.

I need to make today productive.


I feel kind of stuck.

I really want to go do something.

Unfortunately there is no one to go do anything with. And it’s supposed to be blazing hot this afternoon.

So… I am stuck in the house.


I should be cleaning. I always say that, but I should be.

I don’t want to.

I also could be packing for my mini vacay. I don’t wanna do that either. I have tomorrow.

So… I am just bored. Of my own making.

Oh well.

Maybe I will get serious and fix the light in my closet and then organize it. It could happen…

It would be a good first start to getting this room clean.

Image from Pexels.


4 thoughts on “I should be doing things…

    1. I packed my clothes for my mini vacation. I still have other things to pack tomorrow and I have to clean out the car, but it’s supposed to be cooler outside then.


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