It’s so many people’s birthday today!

I started off the day calling my stepmom for her birthday. She lives in another state so I won’t be seeing her for her day, but I was able to wish her a happy birthday and talk to her for a bit. Our relationship has gotten better over this year and I’m really grateful for that.

My friend from church turns 80 today and I wished her happy birthday on Facebook, but I will text her after church. I don’t think she will be there because her son came from out of state to visit her so she will probably want to visit with him.

My stepbrother turns 50 today! He is on the autism spectrum and it’s hard to plan things with/for him but they were talking about going to get pizza later. I’m happy for him, but we aren’t that close and the idea of pizza makes me want to scream if I’m honest. It would be hard to hide that I’m not eating that. I just don’t want to be put in a position where I have to eat it.

Anyway, lots of birthdays.

Now I just have to finish getting ready for church!

Photo by me.


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