… prayers get answered in weird ways.

I asked that people pray for me on Facebook that I not end up in the hospital for Thanksgiving.


That was before I knew my pancreatic enzymes were through the roof and I was really sick.

I am in so much pain. Like for real.

I’ve never been shoved out of the Emergency room and sent home with this level so high. The doctor literally yelled at me when I asked and told me that it was because the hospitals are full of covid and the workers have covid and I don’t have covid…

I was just like…

So anyway. I feel super gross, but at least I’m home for turkey day.

Image from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Well, it would be better if you weren’t in so much pain, but Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family!
    My friend’s husband got infected with Covid in the hospital while being treated for kidney stones, so I think the doctor has a point here.

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