Month 🚬

It’s been a full month since I had a cigarette. Well, a real one. Still working on kicking the e-cig thing but I am really down on that too. I had a lot of extra money last month to go out with friends and see movies and generally just do things as opposed to not being able to do anything because all of my money went to cigarettes.

It was pretty awesome.

I was even tested last night because a friend bought a pack and smoked one next to me. I didn’t even want one. I’m so proud of myself really.

I will be even prouder when I can chuck this e-cig thing, but it’s like a security blanket. I’m giving myself until Valentines’ Day and then it’s trash. That will be my love to myself that day.

Anyway, like I’ve said, I’m not always the best at celebrating my victories. This one is kind of big I think though. I smoked for 20 years. I’m done with it.

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14 thoughts on “Month 🚬

  1. That is something to be really proud of. And such a great gift to yourself. My boyfriend has been smoking for over 10 years and he knows I dislike it. He is letting stress affect his ability to quit. And whenever I bring it up, it stresses him out more. It’s hard. I hope he can quit one day.

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    1. Stress was a key reason I didn’t quit for a long time. I even had a pdoc who didn’t love me smoking, but wasn’t in love with my quitting either because of the stress. I have been easing into this. Patches, still have the e-cig and I’m just kind of titrating my way down slowly. I quit cold turkey once for three years, but that was very hard and very stressful and I won’t do that again. This way is working much better for my sanity and I don’t have the cravings or irritability.

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  2. It has taken me 56 years to quit smoking but like yourself it has now been a little over a month since my last cigarette, and I can tell you we long term smokers deserve to be proud of our accomplishment.

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