Memorial today…

My cousin’s mom and brother passed away in a car accident on Christmas Eve and my aunt’s neighborhood is doing a low-key memorial for her today.

I told my cousin I would be there today to support her. She doesn’t really know any of her mom’s neighbors and I don’t definitely don’t know any of them. I did know and love my aunt though.

So yeah. Just a sad kind of day I guess.

I’m a little anxious about it because I don’t know what to expect.

I don’t think it’s going to be a long event. At least I hope not.

I think it should be just like some kind of picnic type thing.

We’ll see I suppose.

I just don’t know what to expect and I hate that.

I was totally under dressed for my cousin’s grad party last night which made me feel conspicuous.

I’m hoping that is not the issue today.


I’m just there to support my family.

Photo by me.

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