Digging out memories

I decided to wear my special ring this week.

The diamond in the center was my great grandmother’s and my grandma wore it every day.

The outer diamonds and detail were part of my mom’s wedding ring when she was married to my biological Dad.

My mom had them made into a single ring for me after my grandmother passed, but it’s kind of fragile and I don’t wear it often.

I decided I would wear it this week in honor of my grandpa.

I love it, and it is really too pretty to be locked up all of the time.

My next project is to have a chain added to my grandma’s pearls that she gave me just days before she passed. She had a dainty neck and I do not, so they need to be extended for me to be able to wear them.

I want to go dig in pictures I think now.

It will be cathartic.

Photo by me.

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