Shopping in closet

I had more fun playing in my closet than I expected to.

I found two dresses that I forgot I owned that are actually in the size I am now.

Who knew?

One is black, (they are actually both black), but the first one is kind of a boho style summery maxi dress.

The second one is much more formal and is empire waisted with a long silvery black crimped skirt.

They are both cute.

I was happy.

I seriously don’t think I ever really wore the boho one because the back is crocheted on the top and I probably was worried about my bra showing or something silly. Black bra solves that.


Anyway, I semi-cured my shopping issues for the moment. I also found a two pairs of black pants that are almost too big, but will work for formal funeral events if I want them too.

So I’m pretty much all set. I just wish I knew where my darn black dress shoes were.

Oh well.

I have some silver Birkenstock’s that will serve the purpose just fine I guess.

All of my jewelry is silver anyway.

Now I just have to put clothes away and figure out what needs to be washed and what needs to be put away for winter.

Fun fun!

Image from Pixabay.

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