My mom got me this rosary several years ago.

I don’t remember the occasion, and it’s really not all that important now.

My grandparents were Catholic and my mom and stepdad are Catholic.

I was baptized Catholic, but my Dad had more to say about my religious upbringing, and so I grew up in a Lutheran church, and later found my own non-denominational church to attend.

I feel my Catholic roots though. I went to Mass enough with my grandparents to understand what was going on, and even went to a Catholic high school for a while with Catholicism as part of the curriculum.

I suspect praying the rosary will be part of my grandpa’s funeral events.

I feel blessed that my mom made an effort to keep the traditions alive, even if she knew I wasn’t a regular Mass attendee.

I also recognize that this is probably really hard to understand in some places. I’m sort of “Catholic by birth,” but Protestant by belief I guess. I don’t really know.

I enjoy Mass from time to time though. It grounds me when I need to feel connected to my family. Especially because the church my grandmother went to was the one her parents went to and the one my biological parents were married in, etc. It’s just loomed large in my family’s life for generations.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I guess I’m just rambling.

It’s just reminiscing I guess.

Grandpa is so close to the end now. I am just praying for peace for him.


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