Getting into the Halloween spirit means watching Ghostbusters. It has to. Who can forget the scene with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Especially when the melted Fluff starts dumping out of the sky. It’s pretty fantastic.  I have loved this movie since it came out. Here is my favorite clip: “Dogs and Cats living together...” … Continue reading Ghostbusters


4:25 A.M. That’s right kids, I’m awake. Don’t worry though, I think I still got around eight hours of sleep. I was just hoping to snag a couple more than that.  Clearly. What the hell do you do at 4am? I think my local news starts at 4:30. I guess I can catch up on … Continue reading Really?!


This is my light box. It’s bigger than a briefcase and I call her “big Bertha.” I might have to break her out tomorrow and start actually using her because the lack of sunlight and constant rain is starting to get to me.  I don’t feel depressed exactly, but I have a lot of the … Continue reading SAD


This was the first art I allowed myself to do after a 20 year break. It is pure hospital-style tripe but it reflects how not-well I was doing in June. I was struggling with a mixed episode and all of the things that go with that.  In pondering the prompt Gratitude a little more today, I … Continue reading Perspective 


I haven’t looked up the statistics to know how many people live with tinnitus, but probably enough that at least one person that runs across this with have experienced it in his/her lifetime.  It’s beyond annoying. It started for me after I had gallbladder surgery of all things. It’s intermittent, meaning it hangs out for … Continue reading Tinnitus 


I’m supposed to go to the grocery store and buy all of the things to make meatloaf today. I’d much rather sleep or crawl into a hole. I’m not depressed, I just don’t feel well. I do need to go to the store, but not that side of the store, and it’s huge. I am so … Continue reading Meatloaf


There are some days that I am just filled with Gratitude for the countless opportunities and people that have brought light into my life.  My family is sometimes challenging and has not always been the best support, but there have also been times when it has brought the greatest light to my life. I love my … Continue reading Lights 


This is a picture from 20 years ago, but since I haven’t had a chance to ask the (now adult) person in this photo for permission to show them in my blog, I’m not showing her face.  When I was a late teen and into my 20’s, this little person was my shadow. Her mom … Continue reading Mini