It seems I may have found the complete and total untenable side effect of Remeron for me. 

It’s meant to help me sleep, but when I have to go to the bathroom all night on the hour to take care of feminine needs and end up in ER per my doctor’s office due to concerns about blood loss (I’m okay), that’s kind of the end for me. 

I hate being anemic. It makes me tired and feel like crap. They didn’t check my actual iron levels, just my hemoglobin, but that was low so I’m sure my iron (which is always low) is in the tank. Iron supplematation is not optional for me since even the IV form makes me sicker than a dog. 

Next week’s med review cannot come fast enough. I’ve had it. Feeling sick is crap. 

Not sleeping all night is literally the opposite of what it is supposed to do. 

Phooey on that. 

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