So freaking stressed

I am melting.

Like the witch in the wizard of oz.

I came to a friends house to kind of get away and get some rest, but she isn’t feeling well herself emotionally and I ended up having to help her instead of just focus on surviving myself.

Sometimes helping others is a great way to distract myself from my problems, but I’m so fried, I don’t really have the available emotional “umph” for anything.

I did ask my friend why she had me come over if she knew she wasn’t okay enough to handle me not being okay. She apologized. I accepted it. I’m not mad about it. It is what it is.

I just needed the rest and relaxation. I did get like a three hour nap. That was helpful. Then I got six hours of sleep last night which was less helpful. I should have slept longer, but I just couldn’t. I had crazy dreams all night.

Oh well.

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