Little things

It rained last night, but the sun has emerged and it is displaying the little Rivulets of water running off of the uncovered grill on the deck.

It looks deceptively warm outside even though I don’t think it’s hit 40 yet.

My church has a walk/run club on Saturday mornings now that the weather is more spring like, (meaning we at least see the sun), and I am off to that soon. I’m really tired and burnt out, but walking kind of helps me to empty my head of distractions for a while and feel better at least while I’m doing it, and I need that today.

I am really feeling my cousin’s move today and I am very sad. I can’t stop the tears this morning. I want to stay busy today to avoid my feelings, but I think I need to feel these to get through them.

It might be a rough weekend.

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