I have a wicked ear infection and it’s driving me up the wall. It really hurts.

I’m a little frustrated because I tried to tell my primary care a couple of weeks ago that my ear felt funny, but he blew me off. Now I have a “really bad” ear infection that hurts so very much on a holiday weekend.

I am exhausted and miserable. The antibiotic makes me nervous and jumpy, and I still have three more days of it after today. I had to look up to see if this antibiotic could make me feel this crazy, and apparently it is a rare-ish side effect.

Of course it is.

The PA at the urgent care gave me crap because apparently there are 37 allergies and adverse reactions listed on my chart. Excuse me. Honestly, it’s not like it was a good time to find all of those out, and most of them are psych meds. Those really weren’t a party to discover.

Whatever. I’ve had worse Thanksgivings.

I’m just depressed and struggling.

I have one person who still hasn’t turned in a letter of recommendation for me, making my grad application incomplete.

I am so frustrated.

I’m just sick and sad and done with this.

Image from Pexels.

2 thoughts on “Ear

  1. Everything feels worse when you’re in pain, the antibiotics will kick in soon enough. One of my kids gets recurrent ear infections so I can sympathise. Hang on in there, you’ll get through this x

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    1. I used to get them ALL of the time as a kid. They were miserable. This one is especially pernicious. I’m not a fan. My reaction to these antibiotics also leaves something to be desired…

      Thanks for the support!

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