It's been a good, but weird week. I do feel kind of bad because I may have, (or really kind of did), Broken my word about how I was going to handle a situation, but it worked out much better my way. At least so far. I could get burned, but the other options are … Continue reading Weird


The Daily Prompt has once again inspired story time! Back in my bartending days, I was relatively new to this small town that I ended up living in for 7 years. There were these two guys, (that it turned out were Sunday night regulars, that I just hadn't met yet), that came in one Thursday … Continue reading Logan


I know I have been partially absent from my blog lately. I was really feeling terrible when I was in the hospital with pancreatitis, and then I pretty much immediately had a friend go into the hospital with an illness. I have been reminded of how Archaic of opinions some of those in the medical … Continue reading Absent


I could fill a thousand glasses with the tears I've shed over feeling Guilty. I seem to always be feeling guilt that is not mine to own. I apologize all of the time. I feel like there are boundaries I'm crossing with people all of the time because I feel like a burden or a … Continue reading Always


I was helping someone who got sent to the ER by her doctor, and I witnessed one of the most ridiculous cases of stigma in a medical setting that I have seen in a long time. It was from a medical tech who made the Assumption that this sick person's illness had something to do … Continue reading Stigmatized

Restriction (a limerick)

There was a 300 pound dear, Who was trying to Disappear. Food she'd restrict, As more slowly her heart ticked, Until finally it filled her with fear. And if only fear were enough to outweigh what I see in the mirror...


Apparently my labs didn't turn out so well so my assumption that everything was fine was sort of Premature. My labs show that I could have acute pancreatitis, which is messed up since I don't drink really ever. I know there are other ways to get this, but it's annoying. I feel disgusting. Hopefully it … Continue reading Life


Left bible study in a torrent of tears. People were talking about how trusting God was half the battle to getting better with whatever your struggle was, and it was just a trigger. My sanity is wearing Thin. I couldn't stay there anymore. I should probably go home until this ridiculous meeting at 4, but … Continue reading Torrent