Thank goodness…

Test results finally came back and everything looks okay. I’m so relieved. I figured I was worried about nothing, but it’s so easy to let my mind go to stupid places. Sigh. Image from Pexels.

Still waiting…

Results haven’t come back from my test yet. I’m so frustrated!! It’s taking so long! I’m not good at being patient. Ugh. I guess I need to just move on. I am just mad. Oh well. Image from Pexels.

Now we wait….

I had my ultrasound today. Now I just have to wait for the results. I hate this part. The results will drop into my online medical chart as soon as they are ready, but it will probably be tomorrow before they are there. Grr. I know there are only so many radiologists and they have … Continue reading Now we wait….

Appointment day

Today is therapy day and also my appointment with my gastroenterologist. I’m super tired though because I did not get adequate sleep, so I am feeling kind of gross. I went and helped my friend, but she is having such a hard time that I didn’t sleep much. It’s okay. I will sleep this afternoon/evening. … Continue reading Appointment day


Breathe in.... Breathing seems like a really simple thing. I mean, my body does it automatically without me thinking about it, right? Sort of. Sometimes, when I’m super anxious or upset, it’s like I completely forget how to breathe correctly and it can feel like I’m not breathing at all. From someone who took voice … Continue reading Skill.

Day 53

...that pretty much sums it up, although she said she was thinking about permitting gatherings of less than ten by the end of the month, so there's hope. I am staring down the kitchen still, (I did get the sink cleaned out and the dishwasher emptied out), and I still have to get into the … Continue reading Day 53

Day 31

My friend and I were so bored yesterday, we made a playlist for him. It's got songs like The Wanderer, (for when he's wandering around the yard), What's up Pussycat? (for chasing kitties beyond the fence), and a special song for shaking to get him to shake the rain off when he comes in the … Continue reading Day 31


This is my healthy smoothie lunch. It is green because it has a lot of spinach in it. I know it doesn’t look that appealing, but it’s pretty tasty. It has pineapple, mango, strawberries, and banana (don’t worry y’all, eating a small piece of cheese for protein to go with it). I lost six pounds … Continue reading Green!