I am wearing my skinni(er) jeans!

When I went shopping earlier this week I bought a pair of jeans that were a size smaller than the ones I had been wearing, (actually in some cases two sizes!!) and today is the first day I’ve worn them. My mom said I “looked good” and I do feel better in them. I was … Continue reading I am wearing my skinni(er) jeans!

Dropped a size!

I went shopping mostly to see how a smaller pair of jeans would fit because I lost some weight while I was sick and I lost a whole size! I am pretty excited. The jeans I have on today are sagging off my rear end and trying to fall off, so a new pair was … Continue reading Dropped a size!

Experiments with jello!

I tried to eat solid food for the first time since Wednesday morning. Oops!!!!! This particular experiment failed. I just cannot tolerate them as of yet. It’s going to be a problem down the road. I’m seriously frustrated with the word “diabetes” that keeps getting tossed around. Apparently, every time my pancreas acts up it … Continue reading Experiments with jello!

So mom laughed

I told my mom about breaking the chair at the fair thing (see previous post), and she literally laughed at me. That did not help. I have been really struggling with my body image for, well forever really, but recently it’s been a bigger issue. Hating obese people has come up in class. It was… … Continue reading So mom laughed