Therapy was helpful today

I’m in a much better mood. We talked about things I could do to try to put things in my day. I decided I could volunteer at the local museum. I reached out today to them to see if they need any. I am trying. I want to try. At least in this moment. Meanwhile, … Continue reading Therapy was helpful today

My week is full!

I have so many things to do this week! I am volunteering again today. I am not thrilled about it, but I keep saying I’ll be there. I am trying to make myself stay motivated. It’s okay. It’s good for me. I need to be responsible. I am running a couple of errands today. It’s … Continue reading My week is full!

It went okay!

I volunteered this morning at a hearing center, and it went okay! The lady who is training me is so nice. All the people that came in were nice. So yeah. It was okay. I also connected with my oldest friend today and we made plans for later this week. I’m pretty excited about it. … Continue reading It went okay!

I am scared

I go volunteer in an hour and I’m fully freaking out. I’m supposed to covid screen people and then text the appropriate person and let them know that their patient has arrived. What if I text the wrong person??? Omg. Thank God I know how to project sounds through my diaphragm because most of these … Continue reading I am scared

It went well!

Okay. So I was right. My fears were unfounded. The women I met with were SO nice. They seemed thrilled to have me. They are super flexible about working with my schedule and I committed to twice a week for 3 hour shifts. I thought that was manageable. I am busy next week with appointments, … Continue reading It went well!