Broken system

The mental health system is seriously messed up. I know this is not news to anyone anywhere, but I just have to rant for a second. First, let me be clear and say that I am incredibly blessed to have a great psych provider, a great therapist, and parents who help me access a wonderful … Continue reading Broken system

Meeting a friend today!

Trying to build those bridges. I keep trying. I think we might be going to lunch today though and I am just a little terrified. I’m sure I will find something… I am just trying not to look like mental illness is running my life while feeling that way. It’s not just food. I have … Continue reading Meeting a friend today!

New shirt!!

I got my new shirt in the mail yesterday! I love it! I have a feeling it’s going to be on rotation a lot during mental health awareness month. I just really liked the colors, (and the message obviously). Gotta celebrate the good things, even when I’m not feeling so great. Right?

Arguing with idiots

I’ve posted before how I have a problem with Facebook sometimes. I’m not sure if I’m starting one of those times, or if I just ran across a particularly pernicious post, but I have been arguing with an armchair psychologist for about two hours. He’s a full on moron who perpetuates stigma on bipolar disorder … Continue reading Arguing with idiots

Just an FYI

Eating disorders, like ALL mental illnesses, do not have a “face.” There is no certain way you have to “look” in order to have an eating disorder. You do not have to be so thin that you are near hospitalization, or worse to have an eating disorder, although that can be a result. All body … Continue reading Just an FYI