Mixed Episodes

I saw where someone said that no one talks about mixed episodes. It's such an important topic that not only am I violating my "one word title" rule, I wanted to repost a piece I wrote for The Mighty here.  I hope it helps someone:   What It's Like to Experience Mixed Episodes With Bipolar Disorder I … Continue reading Mixed Episodes



I titled this blog This Girl's Got Curves as a double reference to my obvious physical curves and to the twists and turns my life has taken over the years. Some of those curves have been pleasant with fluffy clouds, great opportunities, and wonderfully successful moments. Other curves have been dangerous with Thorny brambles on the edges, deep … Continue reading Curves


It was a very long and strange process for me to come fully "out of the closet" with the Bipolar I Diagnosis I live with.  At first, I overshared amongst the people around me and told a lot of the people I saw. Looking back, that was some naive attempt to make the information not … Continue reading Closet


The only way I know to prevent suicide is to erase the stigma surrounding it and mental health as a whole.  I have tried to share my experiences here as a way to bust stigma about what people living with bipolar disorder are like. I've also hoped to provide a platform of shared experience for … Continue reading Prevention


I am officially orientated as a volunteer at a local food pantry.  SO EXCITED!!! This means that I am finally on the path to getting back out in the community and doing something. It's not too overwhelming, not too much responsibility, and I get to help people.  One more way for me to build my … Continue reading News!


Sometimes Bipolar Disorder looks like this successful girl. Or this fuzzy one: Or this laughing one: Or this celebratory one: Or this one lost in thought: Or this adventurous solitary traveling one: Or this younger one: Whatever she looks like, she is NOT her illness. She is not violent or scary. She is not an … Continue reading Awareness


Really. New med gave me a rash. I am sooooo over crazy side effects from medications. It's very much like I'm just not built to take medications. This is like med #27 that I've found out I can't take. I'm very grateful that the reaction limited itself to a mild rash though because I am … Continue reading Rash!