Some art I made today. It has multiple meanings. First, I don't feel crazy and the colors I used in the background are supposed to be hopeful ones. I feel pretty in balance and I have some hope that this may last for a little bit. That's kind of what this represents. Second, I hate … Continue reading Crazy!



I know I have been partially absent from my blog lately. I was really feeling terrible when I was in the hospital with pancreatitis, and then I pretty much immediately had a friend go into the hospital with an illness. I have been reminded of how Archaic of opinions some of those in the medical … Continue reading Absent


I was helping someone who got sent to the ER by her doctor, and I witnessed one of the most ridiculous cases of stigma in a medical setting that I have seen in a long time. It was from a medical tech who made the Assumption that this sick person's illness had something to do … Continue reading Stigmatized

What to do?

I have a friend on fb that thinks it's hilarious to post these kinds of things: I don't know how to explain to her that it's not funny. She's a pretty good friend, and she doesn't mean anything bad or stigmatizing by these posts, but her page is full of this kind of nonsense. I … Continue reading What to do?


The lobby at my therapist's office can be an interesting place. Sometimes I am pretty early, (I know, shocker for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while), and I have time to Observe all kinds of happenings. Sometimes it's just simple things, like people's phone conversations that they have on … Continue reading Lobby


Stealing is not something that I struggle with, or ever have, but I have known people that do when they are episodic and it's a part of this illness that has challenged me over time. For the longest time I couldn't understand how mania = shoplifting. I totally understood how mania = shopping, and I … Continue reading Stealing?

Fun 🎢

Bipolar Disorder is such a Treat Step right up and take a seat Nowhere for to run and hide On this terrifying ride Where some assume you are dead meat. Image from Pixabay