Please don't buy gifts for your friends or loved ones that are stigmatizing like this horrible game I saw at the store the other day. While the premise of this game seems to be something similar to the old "telephone" game, the packaging is abhorrent. I was not formerly someone who thought about the stigma … Continue reading Please



Addiction is not a moral failing. Anyone misunderstand that sentence? Addiction is not the result of someone being a bad person or having turned away from God. Addiction can happen to anyone. The minute you think you are above it, it will find you. If you think you can handle your alcohol, maybe you can't … Continue reading Addiction


I, along with several people that I know who live with Bipolar Disorder, have had to face all kinds of consequences due to this illness. Sometimes those consequences are financial and bankruptcy after manic spending, sometimes they are involvement with the court system due to out of control behavior, sometimes it's STI testing due to … Continue reading Consequences


I’m reblogging this today to launch a series of posts about Bipolar Disorder…

This Girl's Got Curves

Bipolar Disorder is much more complicated than being moody or having mood swings. It is also known as Manic Depression and is known for those two abnormal mood states.  This post actually is mostly pulled from that ancient and dusty blog I mentioned, so bear with it.  The resources and links posted are current.

Hypomania and Mania are two stages of Bipolar illness where the person may feel really well, have an increase in speech patterns, creativity, productivity, be more charismatic, the need for less sleep, be very social, etc. This sounds great right? Well in can also increase promiscuity, cause massive spending, thoughts that race so fast it is impossible to keep up with them, and, in the case of full blown Mania can cause grandiose thoughts (for instance that you are God or that you can fly) some hallucinations, or paranoia (like that you are being spied on…

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An article came out earlier this month describing how Carrie Fisher handled a producer who sexually harassed a friend of hers. It’s pretty amazing. I aspire to have half of her spunk.  You can read the article in the Washington Post here. 


It seems perfectly acceptable to still make Ghoulish references to mental health on Halloween. You can see it in the costumes on offer this year: The straight up offensive straight jacket: The "side show psycho": The "sexy psycho": At some point we need to acknowledge that this is just as unacceptable as dressing as a cancer … Continue reading Lunatics 


It sometimes feels like I never can empty my head of thoughts. It feels as though there is an endless torrent of words just waiting to be spit out into a bad poem, onto my blog, or turned into mediocre art. I am always seeking a Release when I come to write here. I don't always … Continue reading Endless


It's seemingly been Fashionable in recent years to have a mental illness "label." Young people especially post memes like this one to express themselves and also sort of gain a certain amount of cache with their friends: I'm not disregarding the pain that these people are feeling when they post these. Many of them may very … Continue reading Labeling