Med review today

I see my psych soon and I have things I really need to discuss with her. First on the list is changing my prescriptions from weekly pickups back to regular monthly pickups. Four or five months ago when I was not well, I guess it made sense, although I would never hurt myself with something … Continue reading Med review today

Big fail

Today was my oldest friend’s daughter’s graduation party. I should have been there. I was worried about the crowd, but I mean, I planned on being there. I wasn’t going to not go because of it. I would do almost anything for this friend. I am mortified that I couldn’t be there for this party. … Continue reading Big fail

More meds

I saw my psych prescriber this morning. We decided to increase the dose of the newer (to me) one. I really hope this helps knock me out at night. I’m over being awake for hours and staring at my phone. I’m over feeling restless and agitated. So… hopefully it helps. She’s worried about side effects, … Continue reading More meds


So I got a sunburn in the shade, under a tree, when it was cloudy out. Fantastic. I’m glad I wasn’t sitting out any longer. It’s kind of funny. The mood stabilizer and other meds I’m on make me sensitive to sun and heat, so I also have a bit of a headache. It’s only … Continue reading Sunburned!