I think I messed up. I mean, I screw up on the regular, so I'm not even sure which time I'm talking about. I just think I did. I should have known better. I should have tried harder. I shouldn't have been so weak. I should have been smarter. I should have... But I didn't. … Continue reading Mistake.

Day 130

I am sitting in the hospital with a GIANT headache and a side ache that won't quit. I have literally lost track of how many people have been in and out of my hospital room. I just want to feel better. Okay. Meds make it hard to think and type. Have a great day everyone!!!! … Continue reading Day 130


I got these cool cubes from a friend. They have words on all six sides, (well some have blanks so you can make your own word), but anyway, you roll them and put them into a haiku. It's fun! I'm a nerd. I know. Photos by me.


The hateful inferno rages around her, Tornados of flame streaming towards the sky. The child views these things in terror, And the world gives up the lie. The child grows older but the flames do not relent, Instead the swirling storms burn inside her head. The woman does not remember the child who went before, … Continue reading Rising


You who did the unthinkable Proved that friendships are sinkable When I swore I would not give up On people again You forced my hand You This break cannot be mended And something in my heart has ended A kind of trust is gone Because of your manipulative ways I cannot even face You I'm … Continue reading You


Her soul is weary from battles waged, and she grows tired as she's aged. The sun is devoid of all its light, and she cannot see any of the bright. Darkness blankets her like a foggy sky, and she cannot stop the tears she cries. When the sun is gone and the moon is set, … Continue reading Tide

Flashlight 🔦

Ponytail giving away how much The body has lost its care. Wrinkles and folds line the clothing everywhere. An active mind gone blank Lost in space. Tee shirt catching water From a tear-stained face. Fear rules over each new choice and move. Old scars and wounds Are hard to soothe. Blackness replaces every moment That … Continue reading Flashlight 🔦

Hope (A Poem)

Holding on for another day Hoping that there's another way Through the darkness that consumes the light And only seems to dissipate at night With the unconsciousness of sleep and dreaming Even though during daylight my mind is teaming With thoughts from everywhere about everything And even the walls are beginning to sing Maybe I'm … Continue reading Hope (A Poem)


Sitting alone lost in my thoughts, I sit here and think things I probably should not. Fear has a grip and I know it's not it's not wise, To contemplate all of the things I despise In myself when I look in the mirror and see, All of the things that are just not to … Continue reading Should


Tossing and turning all night, clenching my jaw tight. The tears could fill a well, and the wish I would tell, is peace for my soul, instead of this endless hole, of vibrating madness, combined with frustrating sadness. I can feel my brain jerk and twitch, 'cause anxiety really is a bitch. Older original art … Continue reading Anxiety