Messed up

My friend is getting evicted from her apartment. Let me tell you why this is crap. Did she technically violate the terms of her lease? Absolutely. The thing is, she doesn’t always understand things and she doesn’t always know what’s going on with people. So, did she knowingly violate her lease? I mean, probably not. … Continue reading Messed up

Broken system

The mental health system is seriously messed up. I know this is not news to anyone anywhere, but I just have to rant for a second. First, let me be clear and say that I am incredibly blessed to have a great psych provider, a great therapist, and parents who help me access a wonderful … Continue reading Broken system

Crash and burn

What goes up, must come down. My fun hypomanic episode has come to an end. It had to of course, but I’m seriously bummed. I hate depression. The hopelessness and the feeling that it’s never going to end, even though I know realistically that it will. I’m just tired of the ride. People say that … Continue reading Crash and burn

Diagnosis: Mixed

I just realized today that the psychiatrist at the hospital diagnosed me as being in a severe mixed episode without psychotic features. Seriously. That man does not know what a mixed episode looks like I promise. I am not mixed. I know when I am mixed. I am absolutely miserable when I am that way … Continue reading Diagnosis: Mixed

Broken stuff

If I had private insurance or a slew of money, I could get care right now for this eating disorder no questions asked. Instead, I have to jump through a zillion hoops and still probably not get help, or be so sick that I will likely be too sick. It’s really stupid. I’m not really … Continue reading Broken stuff

New shirt!!

I got my new shirt in the mail yesterday! I love it! I have a feeling it’s going to be on rotation a lot during mental health awareness month. I just really liked the colors, (and the message obviously). Gotta celebrate the good things, even when I’m not feeling so great. Right?