I know I have been partially absent from my blog lately. I was really feeling terrible when I was in the hospital with pancreatitis, and then I pretty much immediately had a friend go into the hospital with an illness. I have been reminded of how Archaic of opinions some of those in the medical … Continue reading Absent




This one time, when I was manic... All of the best/worst stories start out that way. I feel like it's important to share some of my story though because it might help others understand this illness better or maybe someone else will see a little of themselves in it and feel less alone.  So a … Continue reading Fed-Ex


It was a very long and strange process for me to come fully "out of the closet" with the Bipolar I Diagnosis I live with.  At first, I overshared amongst the people around me and told a lot of the people I saw. Looking back, that was some naive attempt to make the information not … Continue reading Closet


The only way I know to prevent suicide is to erase the stigma surrounding it and mental health as a whole.  I have tried to share my experiences here as a way to bust stigma about what people living with bipolar disorder are like. I've also hoped to provide a platform of shared experience for … Continue reading Prevention


My most recent article was published today in The Mighty. You can find it here: Three Ways Being My Own Advocate Has Helped My Mental Health Recovery I have an older story there as well describing what mixed episodes feel like for me.  You can find that one here: What It's Like to Experience Mixed … Continue reading Mightier! 


About three years ago, I was in a psychiatric unit (nothing new for me) except this time the psychiatric PA determined that she needed to start with a clean slate. She discontinued all of my psychiatric medication and started me on just one. Sadly, within 3 days of discharge I had serious reactions to that … Continue reading Frozen